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We exist to help project related companies 

Win More High Value Projects, More Often.

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I'm  Steve  

You’re a project related company looking for rapid and long term sales growth. You’re looking for tailored sales strategies that deliver results. You’re looking for less guesswork and more confidence. You’re tired of ‘roller coaster’ months and want more consistency. You’re looking for a consultant with relevant experience and a proven track record to work closely with you and your sales team to move the business forward with clarity. You’re looking for external insights and a fresh set of eyes. Nodding your head? We can help.

Sales Growth Strategist with

500+ Success Stories

The Project Principle™

How To Create Singularity Of Purpose & Scale Your Company

6-12 MONTH


Full Day 'Equipped For Sales' Onsite Strategy Session


90 Day 'Fast Start'

Implementation Program


12 Month Fractional Sales Leadership Program


The Project Principle™ begins; the team gather and we begin with an onsite/virtual team strategy session, the The Project Playbook™ is rolled out on the boardroom table and collaboratively we work through the analysis process step-by-step. Exploring the critical growth numbers backed logically by our Project Calculator™. The overarching Project Figure™ is collectively decided, celebrations in place and the target market is set. The Game Plan is clearly displayed  and the focus areas along with the key roles have been aligned.  The Sales Process is dialled in and recognised according to The Outbound Game. Clarity is the outcome of the day. We know exactly where we are going.


The Sales Playbook™ is crystal clear; it’s time to mobilise the sales team to take supported action towards our collective sales & business goals through the 90 Day Fast Start Program. A fortnightly 1-hour team video call is set in the calendar with a tailored training program & gamified sales sprint designed to turn the vision into reality… fast. We work through the strategic sales plan week-by-week helping you stay accountable to the winning strategy. Over & above, we’re committed and ready to assist with real-time support, helping you and your team overcome inevitable challenges to win real time projects. Your success is our success and we take that seriously.


The initial 90 Day Missions have been won and sales victory is in sight; It’s now time to drive tactical improvements to create ultimate leverage in the marketplace. The Outbound Game is reset in alignment to the your own tailored plan and strategic thinking becomes the new norm. With regular training your sales team master creative, systematic problem solving to see hidden opportunity like illuminated billboards, paying huge dividends with confidence. Together we turn to the optimisation phase with fortnightly video calls, real time mentoring and additional onsite strategy days through our highly regarded 12 Month Consulting Partnership. The Outcome? Exponential growth.

Looking For The Ultimate Project Sales Process 👇

What Others Say

Steve Claydon of Equip Consulting has been a key to Aquatec’s sales growth and success over the past 12 months, through training our team on; researching prospects, develop relationships, ask questions, listen, watch for buyer shifts and how to close the sale.


I have been through numerous executive level sales training courses over the years however, none of the previous trainers presented the material like Steve does in his style of simplicity so that our team can embrace and use the techniques with instant results.


Steve will equip your sales team with all the necessary tools with a view to growing your company’s revenue at a rapid pace. I look forward to working with Steve into the future and would highly recommend /encourage others to contact Equip Consulting for your company’s success.

Harvey Seeley, Managing Director | Aquatec

Trusted By The Best

+ 500 More Project Related Companies

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Since 2015, my family and I have been proud to partner with Compassion through their child sponsorship program, growing our 'extended family' every year. 'Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow' with over 385 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty today. What started as a family commitment turned into a company commitment in 2017 as we sponsored a new child with every new team member joining. Now we are on a mission to support various programs throughout Indonesia. With every new Consulting Partnership formed, we commit to sponsoring a child in need from the age of 7 to the completion of grade 12. Providing them with an education, health care and community support, releasing them from poverty.

With Every Consulting Partnership, We Support A Child's Education 

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We take life

changing seriously

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Steve Claydon

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Managing Director | Equip Consulting Aust.


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Carefully Curated Over 10 Years, helping 500+ companies generate $2.8b in sales.

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